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Leadership, News, Student Activites|March 4, 2011 5:06 pm

10 Key Qualities of Exceptional Student Leaders

Leaders are not born, they are made.  Nowhere is this mantra better applied than student leadership.  Student organizations and clubs are an opportunity for many  students to be bestowed with the power to  lead and represent others.  In life, there are few chances to jump into such important roles.  Whether you are a seasoned leader or new to the role, you should be looking forward to the challenge to push yourself and others to new heights.  Look forward to building and improving these top 10 qualities of exceptional student leaders.

  1. Think for the future, learns from the past, and acts in the now.  Great leaders reflect on past events to plan for future events.  However, planning and reflecting is not as important as the activities accomplished in the present.
  2. Influence others to participate.  Leaders truly welcomes participation and input from others, and encourages members to participate and contribute to group activities.
  3. Able to deal with and overcome failures, mishaps, and mistakes.  A good leader does not get angered at others or sulk in self doubt when things do not go as planned.  You must be able to pick oneself up by the bootstraps and stay diligently on task.
  4. SMART goal planner.  Remember to align group goals with real results in mind.  Understand the importance of setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.  For more on SMART goal planning click here.
  5. Push oneself to learn more, work harder, and compete for the greater good.  Seek the challenge and opportunity to grasp responsibility for oneself and advocate for others.
  6. Delegate to all members.  The importance of spreading the workload must be realized because one person cannot do everything.
  7. Open to working with all channels.  Failing to build relationships and work with alternative channels will stall out many initiatives before they start.
  8. Listen before speaking.  Listening before responding increases group rapport and opens up the door for learning.
  9. Continually asks questions.  It is not possible to know everything.  Curiosity and  inquisitiveness are key to learning and developing as a leader.
  10. Know the rules.  When in a role that is guided by restrictions and laws, it is vital to make yourself aware of them.
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