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Entertainment, News|March 7, 2011 1:12 pm

Scotty Hopson Bringing Back the High Top Fade at U. of Tennessee

Last week, we at iPlan Magazine had the opportunity to attend the nationally televised SEC conference match up between the University of Tennessee Volunteers vs. University of South Carolina Gamecocks.  Both teams have had their ups and downs this season, and have both struggled in conference play.  Disregarding their records, it was an exciting game loaded with high flying dunks, big time blocks, and a near 20 point comeback by the Gamecocks.  Interestingly, the highlight of the game dealt little with hoops and more with an obscure haircut.

For those unfamiliar, a high top fade on the basketball court sounds like a Jordanesque fade away jump shot at the top of the key.  However, ask people in the know, and instead of a jump shot, they will start talking about Kid ‘n’ Play, Big Daddy Kane, and even Gumby.   What is it then?

Meet Scotty Hopson, star Junior Vols guard, team leader in points per game,  former McDonald’s All American, and future NBA prospect.  Other than shooting the lights out and taking flight, Hopson enjoys bringing back obscure haircuts from the late ’80′s and early ’90′s.  As we all know, to be an influence in fashion you must be a trendsetter with a following.  And as we have found with the climbing numbers of Youtube videos, news stories, and the possibility of being this year’s Papa John’s NCAA “Dunk of the Year,” winner Scotty Hopson definitely has all the necessary swagger to bring the high top fade back from obscurity.

Vote for Scotty to win this Year’s Papa John’s Dunk of the Year

The high top fade, as sported by Hopson, is a haircut where the sides are kept very short and hair on the top of the head is groomed to grow long.  For reaching back in time, we salute you Scotty with this montage of our favorite high top fades from days past.

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