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Campus Tech, Hardware, Integrating Tech Series|January 22, 2011 1:27 pm

Integrating Tech Series: Live Scribe Pulse Pen on Campus


Mount Blanc no more, here comes the Pulse Pen!  Imagine being able to transmit the notes from an informal meeting to everyone in the group in minutes.  How much more efficient would it be to share notes and assist students with learning disadvantages on campus, if the note taker was able to leverage technology in their benefit?

The Pulse Pen is an excellent Student Leadership tool that records all notes and can be uploaded to a computer as an Adobe PDF file.  Not only can the Lightscribe Pulse Pen record your writing, but it makes for an excellent tool to record the audio from meetings and lectures.  The pen even has Apps that can be downloaded from the company website.  One App can actually transform your written text into type.  Wow!

It is a top notch innovation that can easily be assimilated into any student leadership group.  Speak with student services on campus to brainstorm more ways to take advantage of the benefits of this cool pen.

For more information about the Live Scribe Pulse Pen click here.

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