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Entertainment, News, SGA Update|March 6, 2011 1:10 pm

Raps for President: Natalie Taking Over On the Cornell Campus

The season for campus elections is here and the campaigns are in full swing.  Candidates across the country are prepping slogans, making posters, and writing platforms to increase their chances of winning their student elections.  Even the tech savvy are getting in on the act as the growth of student based websites supporting campaign efforts are appearing all over the web.

This year at Cornell University, Student Assembly Presidential candidate, Natalie Raps, took it to the next level.  Well qualified for the Presidential bid for having served on the Student Assembly since her Freshman year, and currently holding the post of Vice President of Public Relations, Natalie not only developed a campaign WordPress site outlining her presidential platform, slogan, and past voting record; she also decided to make waves utilizing social media.  Ms. Raps decided to leverage YouTube with a little inspiration from Natalie Portman’s appearance on Saturday Night Live to create the most comical and informative presidential campaign video for a student government we have ever encountered.

Voting closed for the Student Assembly March 3 and the announcement was made.  Natalie Raps won her Student Assembly election!  Natalie is  “the 4th woman President in the history of the Student Assembly at Cornell (which has existed for over 40 years!).”  Good luck Natalie and we eagerly await the remix.

Check Out Natalie’s Campaign Video

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  • Hey give credit where the real credit is due. Raps video was written and directed by Adam Belfer the Cornell student who did the video sensation “Cornell Gangsta”. Belfer’s video certainly gave Raps a PR edge but too bad it was not her idea.

    • Thanks for giving us the information on Adam Belfer. Great collaboration. We realize the video is high quality and would need a team to put together.

  • As i understand it Raps is a friend of Belfer and w/o Belfer there would not been the video, or at least one as clever. The creativity ect had nothing to do with Raps. Suggest you a piece of Belfer.

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