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Welcome to iPlan Magazine featuring the Student Leadership Project 2011, hosted by Individualized Analytic Modeling (iam).  We at iam are dedicated to providing resources for student leaders in colleges and universities across the nation.  We hope that you will bookmark our site and explore the large database of articles and links set up to assist you during your time as a student leader.

On the site you will find live news, relevant articles, and twitter feeds that are carefully selected for the student leadership community.   These connections provide gateways into the student life communities of Ivy leagues, state run public universities, private colleges, and community colleges across the states.  We are sure that you will find some eye opening material that will assist your student led group.  If your campus operates an online newspaper or blog that is not listed, please inform us to add your school or organization.

We encourage you to participate in our forums by asking questions and connecting with other student leaders at campuses nationwide.  We want to hear from you.  What topics would you like information on?  What areas could we improve?  What has worked for you and your group on campus?  Let us know.

We are excited to announce that the inaugural edition of “iPlan Magazine” will be published and released in time for Fall 2011.  Contact us today for a subscription details.

Finally, we encourage you to look into hosting an on site campus workshop developed by iam.  The Student Leadership Project 2011 workshops are a great investment in the student body and a worth while experience for student leaders on campus. See our services for more details about workshops and what the SLP can do for your campus.

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